Cloud Phone Solutions Without The Compromise

Get all the features you expect from a enterprise grade communication system, in a scalable cost-effective system from 1 handset to hundreds!

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Your Choice Of Number

Select a new local , 13, 1300, 1800 or mobile number or even port in your existing numbers

Full Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Features

All things you expect in a enterprise system, free and easy-to-use. Like custom hold music, welcome messages, interactive menus, call forwarding, queues and more!

Soft Phone or Handset

Use our powerful soft phone on any web client, use an mobile app on your device (iPhone or Android) or use a physical handset (like the gold standard Cisco)

100% Cloud Based

No dedicated PABX or special hardware sitting in the corner! Uses normal internet connections, standard modems (including 4G modems) and available anywhere 24/7


Work from anywhere

Have you office number ring to your desk phone and your mobile. Transfer calls between your staff at different locations even from home! Manage virtual numbers and mobile phone like they are all connected on a traditional PABX.

Call centre features without call centre prices

Modular Easy To Use Design

Enable advanced features in a simple interface that can your business sounding like a global giant from the footprint of your garage!

Connect Your Team Together

Share calls on queues and transfer to anyone waiting. Collobarate on the go or from home as easily as you can form your office with handsets or just your mobile!


Most advanced phone systems require expensive hardware. Our system is based on cloud technology that uses just software.

Traditional On Premise PABX
Virtual PABX In The Cloud
Basic VOIP Systems
Our BEAT IVR System

Popup Call Centre!

In 24 hours we deploy a full-scale callcentre anywhere in the country

We needed a cost-effective solution to be able to spin up a callcentre to provide incident responses within 24 hours anywhere in the country. We were looking for a system that was flexible to charge by the minute and could scale to many sites of operators based on cellular internet. Removing the need for infrastructure to be deployed and allowing us to take thousands of phone calls overnight.

Be IT Safe proposed the BEAT IVR solutions which offered us the ability to have multiple phone numbers, queues, operators working together from remote sites. It has been operation for more than 3 years and has enabled us to respond to storms quickly and handle large volumes of calls for our clients at very short notice.

The system has been extremely cost effective and reliable. The software is very user intuitive and suitable for our temporary workforce that need to learn the system fast. And Be IT Safe are always avaialble for support when we need it.

Dentcraft Hail Group


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